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Author-nim ! Author-nim !
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chanyeol making fun of suho’s dance
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Sehun - 140721 Instagram account update: “처음이자 마지막으로 말씀드립니다. 나는 아무것도하지않았는데 왜 매일 수많은 문자가 오는걸까요? 인증번호..비밀번호변경..다른 ip로 로그인이 됐다..라는 문자들이.. 계속이런말도안되는행동을하시면 저 또한 가만히 있지 않겠습니다.”

Translation: “This is the first and last time I’ll say this. Why do messages come to me even though I didn’t do anything? Such messages like verification number.. changing password.. logged on to different ip.. If you keep doing things like this I’m not going to sit by and watch.”

Credit: oohsehun.

Do Kyungsoo: Master of Movement


kyungsoo is literally nervous 24/7 but hwaiting actor do kyungsoo!

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